Advertising & SEO

After your website is ready you need to advertise it.

Yes, it’s common sense but many business owners aren’t aware of how to go about it. There are literally thousands upon thousands of advertising venues and opportunities available on the internet. Which ones are for you?  That’s where we can help. We will help you shape your advertising with solutions that work, saving you money and generating the results you need. Advertising solutions may include:

  • Pay Per Click Campaigns — immediate website traffic, targeted traffic
  • Local Maps Marketing — local business prospects, proximity marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization —  trusted by consumers
  • Display Advertising — great for branding & volume initiatives
  • Online Directories — category presented listings
  • Shopping Venues — shopper-centric product offerings
Examples of using / not using an experienced advertising company:

  • Both Company A and Company B launch their online advertising to sell their plumbing service. Company A uses an advertising company and, after advertising for one month, creates 36 requests for plumbing. Company B engages in online advertising and sees no leads or results after spending thousands of dollars.
  • Company C sells patio furniture and tries to advertise by themself on a Pay Per Click campaign. They spend $3,000 and get a couple of inquiries but receive many people calling looking for free furniture. Company D uses an experienced advertising company and receives inquiries only for new patio furniture resulting in $6,500 in sales.

What is the major difference between doing it yourself and using an online advertising company?  Experience that translates into saving you thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of advertising dollars and generates more immediate results.  Experience heavily reduces wasted spends on incorrect audience targeting and ineffective ads and offers. Call Today. Get results on your advertising!