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To get your business online you need a domain name, hosting, & website.

What is All This Stuff? We receive numerous inquiries from individuals looking to start their business on the internet who don’t know what’s involved. This page will help you understand what a domain name is and what hosting does and ultimately the best practices when you make a purchase. Domain Names: Domain names are just names (like that translate locations on a server into a nice human oriented language. Instead of typing some number or IP address (like you can type in to pull up the website. When you register (buy) a domain name you need to keep 3 things in mind:

  1. Keep the Domain Name as Short as Possible
  2. Register a Domain Name that represents the location of your business as closely as possible
  3. Choose a Domain Name that includes your Product or Service Type

Paying attention to these details now will help you down the road. If you need help with finding a good domain name, fill out the form to the right and we’ll give you a hand. Hosting: This is the service that provides a place for all your website files and keeps your website visible to the public. Even if you have a domain name, but no hosting, you will not be able to display a website. Both are required. Hosting also provides you with services like:

  • Email addresses at your domain name
  • Databases
  • Website Builders
  • more…

We provide Oceanside hosting services. Our hosting is fast, reliable and consistent with a 99%+ uptime guarantee. If you have questions about hosting or what’s involved with it, feel free to contact us using the form to the right and we’ll help you out.  

    Oceanside Web Design Dos and Don'ts

    dos and don’ts on your website. Here’s the list:

    When you create a website there are some general guidelines you need to follow.


    • Do place your logo in the top left of the website (keeps your company name where people look)
    • Do place your phone # in the top right of the website (statistically this is where people look to call)
    • Do place a contact form on your website (make it universally available)
    • Do include some animation on the homepage (helps draw visitor into your website)
    • Do keep your best information above the page fold (where the page cuts off on the screen)
    • Do create a page about your business ownership (gives personalization, even if you’re a corporation)
    • Do optimize your pages for the search engines


    • Don’t make a big image take up all of your homepage
    • Don’t use negative text to try to sell
    • Don’t include images you don’t own (or haven’t purchased) on your website
    • Don’t make your website so busy that visitors get confused
    • Don’t duplicate text on your webpages


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