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Mobile Web Design: Mobile web design is important. Today we call it “Responsive” design. That is because the design is created to respond to the different device you access it with.

If you are like everyone else on the planet you’ll probably realize quite quickly how much time you spend on your phone, tablet, or other mobile device. We are the age of instant gratification. How many times have you been in a conversation and a question came up or you needed something quickly, only to turn to your mobile phone and Google it to find the answer? Mobile devices are part of the fabric of consumers lives and making sure your business is easily accessible (easy to read and find what they want) is important.

If your website isn’t mobile friendly you’re losing business because our nation of mobile consumers won’t waste time trying to squint to read, enlarge, or otherwise decipher what your website looks like all scrunched up on their phone.


Here’s a visual example for you:

mobile web design oceanside


mobile web design oceanside 

In 2014 mobile device usage surpassed desktop usage meaning that more people are seeing your website on a mobile device than on a desktop or laptop. If you’ve got an existing website and you haven’t made it mobile friendly call us and we can help you. If you are just getting started on the web we automatically create your website to be responsive.

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