Website Design Process

oceanside web design process

Our custom web design process ensures you get a website you love. We go through unlimited iterations of creative for you prior to publishing your website live to make sure you absolutely love the website that represents your business. Along the way we’ll make recommendations for you from a business perspective. Here is a description of the process:

  1. Fill out our Initial Questionairre – let’s us know general colors, layouts, etc you would like to use
  2. Once the questionairre is submitted we being submitting creatives to you. These are in the form of pictures (mock ups)
  3. We go back and forth with you, making changes you deem important to your business
  4. We advise you during the build on best practices. You have all final decisions on your website.
  5. Once we have a finalized "mock up" we slice it up and publish your website.

Why this Works:

  • You get Unlimited Changes
  • You get advised on what works
  • You make final decisions


Please let us know if you have questions about the website design process.


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